Thursday, July 17, 2014


What makes a man who he is? Is it the worst things he's ever done, or the best things he wants to be? When you find yourself in the middle of your life and you're nowhere near of where you were going, how do you find the way from the person you've become to the one you know you could have been? Again for me I was blessed with Joyce behind me, loving me and all the way!
For all I ever wanted in life I guess, is to have a wife and Walton’s type family but no family is really like the very functional “Good Night John Boy” variety. Through the dysfunctional family that every family has to a degree within, Joyce and still I had a lot of fun. We had Twenty Eight years together that have gone by in a blink of an eye. We traveled life’s road and have been there and done that, made it through moments of pee your pants giggles, struggle and strife.
The event of horror that happened, affected us all, as a matter of fact there was another event of horror and both neither of us ever really got over. Though they had a major impact and took a long time to learn to deal with. In the tradition of Joyce, I choose not to talk about them as that is the way of things. What is important is that we did supported each other through it all and that is all that matters!
In all, my life on this earth was made much, much better with Joyce as she treated me like a King and I treated her like my Queen.
For 21 years as a small example, I brought her coffee in bed, even when I had 5 leg casts, one after another, through my cancer and post heart operations. I would have crawled if I had up those stairs every morning, to bring that fresh cup of coffee to the woman whom I Love.
I in turn, taught Joyce to go swimming and feel safe on a water air mattress and she in turn taught me to have more of a sense of humour.
As Lovers, well let’s leave those memories in the Ken and Barbie doll realm, after all we do have children and grandchildren but let’s say, I am sure that we did put a smile on the Egyptian Sphinx.
We were one of the few couples of our age that I have seen, who could go for walks and still hold hands, the problem started actually during one of our walks. Joyce suddenly got a chest pain which she attributed to heart burn.
For others in this world, worry is usually recreational in nature but for me it is a lifestyle. Getting Joyce to go to a Doctor, was like pulling teeth from a chicken and would usually involve an ambulance ride at some terrifying point! Also to obtain from one of those witch doctors a proper diagnose, well that is another story that my inner anger is still too hot yet to speak about.
Again we worked and lived together and the down side to this at times was, yesterday’s disagreement could carry itself in the car to work with both of us but we were always able to say “Kiss noise; Love You Good Night” at the end of each day.
This verbal ritual was due to Joyce’s Boston Terrier Lucy, who did not like Joyce kissing Daddy good night. Yes, we could have went after her for that but it was always easier just to do a “Kiss noise; Love You Good Night!” and it meant just as much as anyone else’s lip lock at the end of the day.
Love Blooms Just East Of Revelstoke;
Part 6 by Richard Abbenbroek…

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