Sunday, July 13, 2014


This is how I shall start this verbal history of mine, last night I felt Joyce near me, 2 times and 2 times she comforted, calmed and let her Love for me take hold of me; make me feel safe and sound. Ending the two terrors of this night like she used to when we were both together alive but as one.
Yes, I also recently spoke of a conversation with Joyce through another dream, which I spoke to her via a strange telephone, that had a faulty line but I heard her as clear as could be expected, one of my many stories of my grief if you will.
For speaking on the subject about the death one’s Love is very important!
I feel so sorry, for those who cannot and will not express this openly. It is nothing to be ashamed of and as we will all one day die, it is expected as far as I am concerned. Making this inevitable life’s event of one’s own death as it arrives, much, much less stressful and easier for all to get through. It was this way, just as Joyce and I planned together her Life Celebration. For that event as far as I am concerned went really well of course but only because we faced the inevitable and planned it together, ahead.
Some though do not or will not listen to this inevitability, as they believe that as long as their life’s pleasure craft keeps speeding along life’s water way. They will always live on and nothing will uncover the blinders that they have on. As death can’t happen to them, so do not bother them with news of their own fast approaching shore line of the other side.
I have spoken to many people who lost their children and loved ones and found from them that there is no actual closure, before or after it happens. You only get used to it or simply, each year you learn to deal with deaths horror better but it is never forgotten, until you yourself face what they went through but again; for the speed boaters, this is not yet, not yet, not yet…
So I will continue to speak of this experience of mine that I consider just as important as my own children’s births. The death of my best friend, truest love and the one person on this earth who I knew and know really, really loved me as I do her. You see for me, it all happened 28 years ago, Just East Of Revelstoke…
Part 1 by Richard Abbenbroek…

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