Sunday, June 29, 2014


Setting; well I am back in the Library again, where Joyce and I once worked of course. In this dream I find it dark, mostly of shadows, painted emotionally with the Librarian hierarchical pecking order, which always permeated the place and probably still does.
In this dream I was not working in the I.T. Department but more in a Circulation area, funny after 29 years of being at the Library I end up dreaming back almost at the beginning.
A Customer/Patron calls and someone says that what they want a hold that is supposed to be waiting for them. So I stop my shelf reading which is hard to do as everything is so blurry to do anyway and say, “I know where that is!”
Walking down a long dark shadowy Library corridor another worker (female), who I think I know from my past but do not. Suddenly pops out of where I just came from to say, you can forget the book as there is a phone call for me!
Walking back, she says it is important; on the other end of the call there is a bit of static but it is Joyce and at the same time that I am talking, I can see that she is talking from a pay phone.
Our Blue Chevy Beretta is idling beside her and there is someone, a young girl waiting in the back seat for Joyce to get back into the Beretta. I say hello and she says “Richard (static) coming t… pick you up…”.
More static and I see her lips move but no sound; I ask something stupid, “want me to drive?” Want to drive, am I mad, she can drive, what did I say that for???
That is not it, Joyce looks more upset as she cannot get what she wants to say to me across, the line is becoming fainter, more static and all I can see is more frustration on her face.
Though I must admit that Joyce looks fantastic, like she used to and the girl in the back seat, yes it is a older teenage girl; who beckons Joyce back into the Beretta.
My puppy dogs in real time now are trying to roust me from my sleep and I want to sleep more guys, please let me sleep! As I just got to find out what Joyce wants to say?  If I could only lip read, listen longer, guys come on, just let me sleep!
The line goes dead and I grudgingly awake to let them out, now I am awake from my first dream of Joyce.
A writing of my First Dream Of Joyce
By, Richard…
For I Still Miss Her, I Am Thinking, Breathing and Dreaming
Every Second about Joyce…

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