Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I present to you our newest Grandson Treyvon William Spence!
Born at 6:15 am 8lbs July 31st 2012 Treyvon is in Foothills Hospital (NICU) neonatal intensive care unit
and Mom is resting more info to follow, no worries at this moment..

Treyvon is an English boy name.
The origin of the name Treyvon is Celtic derived from the meaning for “The Fair Town” into modern English/American.
Some speculate that this name is only a modern invention after 1800 but that is not the case. One other meaning of the name Treyvon is the possible combination of Trey and Devon; though cute I will just humor these folks. Yet another derivative of the name Treyvon is from the name Trevor = Trevon which comes from the ancient language of the Celts.
The location for origin of the name Treyvan is actually Cornish. Treyvan is a variant form of the Celtic to English Trevon. Trevon is largely used in the English language and it is derived again from Cornish origins. Cornish (Kernowek or Kernewek) is a Brythonic Celtic language and a recognised minority language of today’s United Kingdom. Along with Welsh and Breton, it is directly descended from the ancient Britis language spoken throughout much of Britain before the English language came to dominate. The language continued to function as a common community language in parts of Cornwall England until the late 18th century.
The Prince of Wales, Charles-Philip-Arthur-George, born 14 November 1948 is married to the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla-Rosemary; née Shand, previously Parker Bowles; born 17 July 1947. The first name use of Trevon is of obscure origin; it could be derived from the Cornish surname, which has itself been recorded in early forms such as Trevan, Trevain, Trevane, and Treven. The village Name, also recorded in the Cornish rolls (1302) as Treavon, means 'settlement by the water' from the elements 'tref' (village, settlement, homestead) and 'avon' (water). The surname is from the place name of the village of Trevone near Padstow or now Trevone-Padstow but known really as Trevone Bay and Village: http://www.holiday-trevone.co.uk/trevone_holiday_cornwall.html http://www.padstowlive.com/home/trevone
The meaning of the name Treyvon in Brythonic Celtic means “Settlement By The Water” or in Ancient Celtic Treyvon means “Three Families”. Treyvon appears In 2007`s Top-1000 name list at rank 986.. 1999 was a `top year` for the name Treyvon. (Based on 128 years of name history) In that year it ranked #921. The last time Treyvon appeared among the most common names was in 1995. These records go back to 1880. Based on research, most people would imagine a person with the name Treyvon to be: “A Strong And Independent Man”.
So in one word, you might describe Treyvon as an "Independent" person.
Also, here are some abbreviations for the name Treyvon: TREV, TREVI, TREY.
For Treyvon William Spence.

Written by,
Grandpa Richard…
July 31ST, 2012

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