Thursday, July 26, 2012


Quantum computers work the same as any other computer, by using 0 & 1's or bits to function. The difference for Quantum Computers is that they use what are referred to as Qubits not quite like Cubits but similar in so many ways! Albert Einstein said to Niels Bohr; “That GOD leaves nothing to chance in regards to your Quantum Mechanics theory”. Niels Bohr then responded to Albert Einstein; “To stop telling GOD what to do!” Hence that was the start of the argument about Quantum Mechanics.
As I know GOD knows the truth behind this all. As this is GOD'S way of measurement, Cubits maybe we just spelled it wrong in translation? Actually are we not just babies with slide rulers when compared to GODS Greatness!
Written with Love to you all and with all that heaven will allow!

By Sir Richard…
P.S. Another night of pain, awaken by much Gee I Pee Funny, many times. Diabetic sweat that makes me flip my pillows often. Which are now starting to look like Civil War bandages? Then I stop to reflect on who I am thinking about and the thoughts are about GOD and you all, my Earth Angel Friends. He makes my insides feel calm, bubbly with happiness and no more alarm as the darkness of my night in His morning light fades :) Good Morning! :)
From Sir Richard…

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