Wednesday, January 1, 2020


For I believe that we are all related, to all people.
For if you look at the fact that we all come from our Father GOD in heaven.
Extend that genetically, back to the Mitochondrial DNA traces of us all back to our one mother in Africa.
Or even know that we are all part of the same Human Race of the many types of species on this Planet hence, we are again related!
Then you could also consider this that we are all made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms.
Which makes all stardust material and we are children of the universe, which brings us all back to being creations of GOD.

By my calculations we all have, many, many relations, as we are all related, to all people.
So, do not worry about who you may, or may not have as relatives.
For you must keep in mind, that luckily they will never all show up at once to your house for dinner.
Yes, today is a good day to be alive, yet some days I can feel towards some of our earthly family like JESUS CHRIST’s anger towards the money changers!
Written and Photo by Sir Richard...

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