Thursday, January 30, 2020


People who fake Cancer upset me as I have Sarcoma Cancer, real heart disease & diabetes. Timely treatment is all I ever asked for. Sickening!
My Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer is not totally gone. To start, I have also Prinzmetal angina & Ischemic Heart Disease (plus 3 Heart Stents) along with type 2 Diabetes that for some reason I am resistant to Insulin and hence I am fighting hard to control it. My Prostate is enlarged Cancerous type Polyps there as well and also my old hernia repair became undone but they will not operate unless it is an Emergency due to my Heart problems.
I do not usually sleep because I have Nerve Damage in my left arm due to the Sarcoma Tumor they removed (see attached Photo). They have tested so many drugs on me, that it is unreal!!! Now the new plan is killing the nerve in my left arm to stop this pain, which again is dangerous. Like the song says, people fake the cancer and;

"There are many here among us,
Who feel that life is but a joke,
But you and I, we've been through that.
And this is not our fate…
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late!!"

Also, due to breathing problems, I now fall out of my bed in the last 3 weeks, as I could not BREATH, maybe Sleep Apnoea? So I told my Doc today but she seemed not concerned but she is quiet at times and hard to read. My left side of my body was gouged badly and as I fell many times and on the way down I hit my filing cabinet, so I bleed badly, due to my blood thinners.
Sometimes after talking to my new Cancer friends from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and WellSpring Canada, they ask why they did not do Chemo or Radiation to treat me.
My Oncologist Doc says, it’s because of my heart problems, on my last visit I asked if I could at least get a MIR just like my Cancer Survivor Buddies, who like them I do not have one done every year? Then paranoia creeps in and I think, do they know something that I do not?
X-Rays do not show Cancer, CT Scans do not show Cancer only MIR’s show Sarcoma Cancer and Sarcoma is rare and they always take their time? I want to know for if I have, let's say; just one more year.
F.Y.I. Sarcoma Cancer (Sarcoma Cancer again by the way is very rare!), for it does not target one particular area of the body. About 43% percent of Sarcoma Cancers occur in the extremities (e.g., arms, legs = like me); 34% percent occur in and around the internal organs (e.g., uterus or heart = heart like me?); 10% percent occur in the trunk (e.g., chest, back); and 13% percent occur in other locations. In very rare cases, these tumors develop in the gastrointestinal tract (me again with my bleeding?). A small percentage of these are GISTs or known as a gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
Malignant GISTs occur most commonly in the stomach and small intestine, is this me also?
Well that's my rant Folks, bleeding and pain again tonight and I cannot sleep as my Cancer Removal Pain is keeping me up again, also maybe because of people who fake Cancer like this one and others like her. Yes, as a Christian IMO she is ill and needs help so in Jesus Christ’s name I forgive her but there are too many of late like her and I have had enough, so I send these all to GOD and the Law to deal with as it is out of my control…
With LOVE to you all and may you all be blessed with all that heaven will allow!

Written and Photo By,
Sir Richard...
aka Richard Abbenbroek…

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