Tuesday, October 22, 2019


In the end, it Really Does Matter how well we have done for the GOOD Of Others and how much of ourselves that we have each put into achieving these goals for that is LOVE and without LOVE, life is not worth living.

For out of this LOVE from of our GOD given souls, flows all truth/caring, all meaningful works, all real worship of GOD through all sacrifice that JESUS CHRIST made for each and every one of us!
That is this Knight’s belief system, which I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT THEE CONSIDER…

Our Faith, Hope, with this LOVE which was issued from this same fountain, as well.
Because it is in our Hearts that we first heard the voice of GOD and it is in the Heart that we come to know of HIM and learn to live by HIS LOVE. So you can see that to lose Heart, is to lose everything and a LOSS OF HEART, best describes most men and women of today.

It isn’t just the addictions and affairs and depression and heartaches and killing, though, GOD knows, there are enough of these to cause even the best of us to lose Heart.
As always these days, we all have our business, all of our many worldly divisions and the fact that most of us are just living, merely to survive!!

Beneath it all at times we all feel - restless, weary, and vulnerable. Indeed, the many forces driving modern life have not only assaulted our Hearts, they have also dismantled our Heart’s habitat and the geography of its mystery which transcended what we all knew so well as children. All of us have had that experience at one time or another, whether as we walked away from our teachers, our parents, a church service, or those whom we once LOVED…

The sense is that something important, perhaps the only thing that is important, had been explained away or tarnished and was lost to us forever…

Sometimes little by little, sometimes in large chunks, of our lives have been appropriated to a terrain which was only meant to sustain and nourish the wilder life of the HEART.
Forcing it to retreat and hide our HEART’S in doing so becoming as an endangered species into smaller, more secluded, and often darker geographic location for their survival from others.

My suggestion is that when this happens, take your Heart to GOD and put your Heart before HIM.
For GOD never fails as HE is always Good and Just.
GOD will separate the wheat from the chaff and with HIS ETERNAL LOVE will give our Heart’s back, anew.
So we can do what we were all put here for in the first place and that is to continue on and LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
I state this in HIS precious name - AMEN!

Posted by Sir Richard...
A knight in thy name of the King of Kings

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
Be brave and upright, that GOD might Love thee.
Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.
Safe guard the helpless!
Do no wrong.
This is thy oath, if thou wish to be a Knight!

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