Thursday, September 19, 2019


An Angel Loves you each every day
Till you both meet and your earthly time is at an end,
your Angel shall never go away.
Come rain or shine or snow, your Angel is always there.
For you command not, cause your Angel is everlasting night or day,
As your Angel you should know, actually Cares…
With Love to You All!

Written by: Sir Richard
Photo by: Sir Richard
Music by: (1973 Buckingham Nicks [Full Album])
Life experienced by: Sir Richard

Dreams of fear, fighting the snake as it took someone dear.
Cut its head off did I, with GOD’s help I watched it die.
None the less, I was so troubled, I prayed through Christ Jesus.
For our FATHER GOD to calm my soul as together we shall defeat the beast!
Then as early morn began, I began to awake from my rest.
I am so very, very tired but I do know now.
That one day, as I go to my final rest and I am at peace.
Knowing I have done right, with my time on this earth.
FATHER GOD helped me fight the good fight, I will have finished this race.
Most important, I will have kept my Faith!
With Love from Sir Richard.

Written by: Sir Richard
Photo by: Sir Richard
Life experience by: Sir Richard
Written by: Sir Richard
Music by: Johnny Cash - We'll Meet Again

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