Sunday, September 29, 2019


I have noticed that when people are in the midst of their final call home by the LORD.
That they and this really depends on each person, either one month, 2 weeks, a day, or even hours before.
Sort of loose their interest in things that they did or things that U do, when before there was a sparkle in their eyes and great excitement about that interest.
Yes U could say “Go Figure Richard” after all, they are contemplating much more other than a show and tell at this moment in time!”
True enough but like everyone knows not to stare into the sun; it's something which U are told when you're a kid. "Don't look at the sun or you'll go blind!" But sometimes U want to understand something so badly that you'll almost risk going blind for just a glimpse of what it might all be about?
For I believe that the world is made up of the big things that happen to U and the small ones.
The part that's so unfair is that we call them "big" and "small", because when something happens to U, when U lose something or someone that U really care about, that's all there is. The world may be blowing up all around U, but you don't care about that, U don't care about that at all…
When they are passing over as I said that they just do not care, as I believe it is just their reality going numb in their brain, sort of a blessing from GOD as a form of comfort to them.
My childhood friend Kelly Obrien was like that, my father in-law Ken Henwood was like that and my wife Joyce was like that too. Her last day was sort of an unusual calm after my morning nursing duties were over and I started out for my afternoon appointment.
Then Joyce got a phone call from a home care nurse and Joyce gave that nurse a “I couldn’t care less response to questions,” which caused the nurse to call me as I was driving to my appointment. Puzzled by this and almost half way down our back alley, I stopped to call home, yet Joyce was still so calm?
So I asked Joyce if I should return home to her right now and asked Joyce are U OK? Joyce said “NO” do not come home, as she was just perfectly fine but tired and Richard, U better get going, as U are going to be late (we were always late, it was our tradition), then Joyce said that she would see me when I got back. “Kiss noise, I Love U!” we both said to each other and I let her go…
A true recount but how do you let someone go? How do you understand that it is alright and that from this point on everything changes? How do you find a way for this event to make you feel good about your life, instead of the breaking of your heart?
For the hardest thing you'll ever learn in life, is how to say goodbye and this is only, if you are given that chance.
Sometimes I have found the best way to move into the unknown in my life is to take familiar steps, small steps. To do ordinary things to deal with something that is in no way ordinary. We're always going someplace new in this life all the time. Familiar things just let us pretend that we aren't moving into unfamiliar territory. U take those small familiar steps as U become dishonest with yourself and to live as if nothing had changed but still to go on with your life. But there are times when what you need is a piece of how things used to be!
As for most people change is kind of slow. They're who they are and then after a while, they're someone else. But some people know the exact moment where their lives changed. When they first saw the person they were going to marry or the look in their baby's eyes the first time they smiled. For some people, it's not the good things in life that made them change. Or it's something they've gone through like the passing of my wife Joyce that makes everything that I look at from that moment on, seem very different from how it had always been. Till my and your own end that things, will forever be.
of Sir Richard…

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