Monday, May 13, 2019

Gayle and Randy Rest in Peace!

Gayle and Randy Rest in Peace!
It is always shocking to hear of someone's passing.
Please know that Gayle and Randy and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. Forgive me for taking so long but,
I believe if I may, share some of what I believe.
That Gayle's and Randy's passing is more to be envied then pitied, for we mere mortals can not distinguish between those who are deserving of grace and who are not.
Only the LORD GOD can and as such, GOD who is all knowing. Knows what kind of people that Gayle and Randy are.
I am confident that Gayle and Randy now enjoy that bliss, which is prepared only for the good and virtuous.
You can now comfort yourselves in reflecting that Gayle and Randy now enjoys in substance, what we in this world, can only imagine what Heaven will be like.
May the LORD GOD give you all strength, to see you through this difficult time.
My deepest condolence and prayers once again.
With Love,
Richard Abbenbroek...

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