Saturday, May 4, 2019


We walk together, yet alone we walk.
We live with each other, hear many voices; alone we talk.
For the glue that binds us are our births, the lives we live, our deaths and through this; we are all, watched by GOD.
As we choose to eat this, consume that, be with her or be with him, 
Love them or Love them not.
Tonight, I'm thinking about where I'd rather be; and though I may have burned all my bridges.
Sunk all my ships and stranded myself, 

as I stand at the edge of the sea!
I think of my life’s many a family, many a friend, many children; 

which some of us have to our end.
For sure through it all, one by one, we really all die alone.
As the one thing that is for certain, is that we are all Loved by GOD; even past then…
By, Richard Abbenbroek.

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