Thursday, November 1, 2018


My “WORST CHILDHOOD FEAR” realized, yet once again.
The women in my life came and went.
I am left with that hollow feeling inside but added to an infill of pain.
My heart battered, yet with anew permanent dent!

When I was twenty-four, way to early too be settling down.
Or so I was told, so I slept nearby on the park bench, just to be near.
Till the frost and cold made me move and take shelter off the ground.
Once again, my “WORST FEAR” like a noose which hung around my neck.

In my Thirties, now oh how hard I tried.
Most of the good ones by now are nearly all gone!
The game of reproduction, a seeming necessity in us all, like spawning fish dead yet open eyed.
Finally, I found her; I was so surprised as she was standing right in front of me all along!

GOOD TIMES they went so fast, like we were on a Fun but Scary roller coaster ride.
Then quickly we both got kicked off, as it ended so fast and GOD really, she died?
Can't see much of a future now, only low hanging cold grey skies.
Also, much to old now, too play within that meet and greet guide.
For I've become like; as a bird which can no longer fly.

My “WORST CHILDHOOD FEAR” yet realized, once again?
Alone, ABANDONED shall this be the summation of my life?
ABANDONED, oh GOD; I so miss my Wife.
As this little boy moves unto his end.

Written and Photos by Sir Richard
Maggie Rose - Pull You Through
Sarah McLaughlin - I Love You

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