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See how the new Canadian Bill C-23 will start it!
“I must say, I am hearing a little bit from my American counterparts,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told the senators. “They are anxious for Canada to get its legislation done as well.”

A new bill passed in U.S. Congress and it's likely to help speed Canadians across the border!
There are implications in this bill for all travelers to the US and through the US as well, according to Tim McSorley with the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group.

He says Canadian travelers at pre-clearance checkpoints who don’t like the way an interview with a US customs agent is going can no longer walk away.

“They’d be able to question you until they determine why you don’t want to cross. And if you don’t tell the truth or refuse to answer, that would be considered an offense and could lead to suspicion of other offenses,” he says.

If a passenger is strip searched by an agent, McSorley says the bill would limit the ability of a Canadian traveler to make a claim in court.
The bill would also give Homeland Security agents the ability to carry guns in Canadian ports, McSorley says.

Those expanded powers include the ability to carry firearms and conduct strip-searches in Canadian airports, as well as the authority to detain Canadians should they decide to withdraw from pre clearance procedures. Also, US officers will be able to carry weapons in Canada...

“Right now, Canada doesn’t have any pre-clearance areas in the United States, but since C-23 has passed, Canada will now be able to negotiate to set up those areas there.”

These areas could also pose an issue for permanent residents, as they may be denied entry and told to try again at a land crossing, which may be far from the port they were trying to return from.

The Bill C-23 also expands the powers of US customs officers doing pre-clearance screening at Canadian airports and other departure points. Workers claim it gives US Homeland Security too much power over Canadian workers’ jobs.

“And I’m not sure they really understand that is a possibility.”
Again, one part of the new Bill Authorizes U.S. Border Guards to question anyone attempting to leave a pre-clearance area about their identity and their reasons for leaving? Currently travelers are able to freely leave if they feel a line of questioning is abusive or prejudicial, or for any other reason!

Another part authorizes U.S. guards to conduct a strip search of a traveler if Canadian border guards are not available to do it, or decline to do so.
Also F.Y.I. Keep in mind that as of July 1st 2018 Pot becomes Legal in Canada. If your are asked by the US Border Guards if you have ever smoked pot? Legal or not you will be banned for ever from entering the US of A.

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