Sunday, October 11, 2015


I Love watching a herd of horses grazing in an open pasture, or watch them running free across the wide grasslands of Alberta. I used to Love hiking in the foothills when the wildflowers are blooming, the purple lupine and the Indian paintbrush when turning magenta in the early Fall. I Love thunder clouds, massive ones for Joyce and I used to sit outside on summer nights and watch the lightning, hear the thunder as the storm rolled on. I Love water to the ocean, streams, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rain and mostly, I Love many of you!

For as we all including me, everything that we Love is what makes our lives worth living. Take a moment and set down that remote, to make a list of all the things that you Love. Don’t edit yourself; don’t worry about prioritizing, or anything of that sort. Simply think of all the things “YOU LOVE”. Whether it’s the people in your life or the things that bring you joy, the places that are dear to you or GOD; do note, that you could not Love them if you did not have a heart. As Love requires a heart that is alive, awake and free. So you may have that life, filled with Love as the one which GOD wants you to have. A life of Love filled with Love just as it was meant to be, for you and me.

So of all the things that are required of us in this life, what do you think is the most important? Like every one of us who has asked; what is the real point of our existence? From what I have read; JESUS was confronted with this question point-blank one day and He boiled it all down to two things. Loving GOD our Father and Loving others as you Love yourself. Do this, JESUS said, and you will find the actual purpose of your life and everything else will then fall into place. Somewhere down inside we all know it’s true, we know Love is the actual point! Instinctively, we also know that if we could truly Love, be Loved, Love Really All That Is Required from the GOOD LORD above.
Written by Sir Richard…

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