Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let Us Pray For:

Let Us Pray For:
Hailey Dunbar- Blanchette and Dad Terry Blanchette;
As you are both in our prayers and thoughts.
May the LORD GOD give your Family and Friends the strength,
to see them all through this difficult time.
For this in JESUS CHRIST's name I pray,
That His Healing Hand be put upon all Family,
and Friends and also onto each of our troubled hearts.
Let Your presence LORD GOD change our sorrow into comfort,
our anxiety into trust, our despair into faith,
so that we will all know of Your Love.
Just as Hailey and Terry now both enjoy, with Thee in heaven.
This we ask this in the name of;
GOD the Father, JESUS CHRIST the Son and the HOLY SPIRIT.
This comes close to home for me, as I too was once a single Dad.
Raising a child on my own and if not for help from
Cassie, Sandy, Joyce Child Find Alberta, Family and Friends
things would have been much harder.
As fearful things stalked me but unlike Terry and Hailey it was kept away…
Sir Richard.


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