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Understanding does not equal healing. Clarity does not equal restoration. Many men understand their wounds and can talk about them with great clarity. They know what happened, what life was like, once upon a time.

Yet, they remain unfinished men, haunted by the memories and still crippled by their wounds. The horrors remain, the fears remain, the lack of wholeness remains. By the way guys, it doesn’t take as an example, a major assault like DEATH OF A Loved One or Battlefield Fatigue and other forms of PTSD to create a broken heart.

Many men assume they haven’t any real brokenness within them because they haven’t endured the horrors they read about in the paper or watched on TV. Depending on the age or circumstances, it can be an embarrassing moment like stuttering in front of the class, or a harsh word from your caregiver, or as in my case my Daughter was a parental abduction 26 years ago in 1989 and my Good Wife’s Passing May 27th, 2014.

The Giddens Sisters – “That I Should Know Your Face”

Remember, that the human heart was designed to grow up in a world of Love and Security, a world where each of us are known and prized each and every day. A world very, very different from the world anyone actually grows up in, living now so far from what was once our Eden. The heart is a tender thing and easily broken, especially when we are young.

My religious belief tells me that GOD comes to heal the human heart but at times how that is done may be a deep mystery but I believe that it works something like this:

GOD will often arrange for some person to be His eyes and ears to guide you. Or He may make an event for you to feel, just as we did when we were young boys. When our hearts were unbroken and feeling again, what we felt then.

Perhaps as suddenly a memory surfaces, we have an opportunity not to push it away, or run to the refrigerator, or get angry at someone, however it is that we typically handle these emotions. Rather, we invite our belief system (or in my case GOD the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit), to come to that broken place within us. For we then can ask, that He use His Holy Resources, to find the now orphaned boy within us and embrace him. We ask that He come and heal our broken hearts, to rescue this boy within and bring him home. 
The Beatles – “This Boy”

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