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JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, published in 1939. Johnny Got His Gun was fiction inspired by a gruesome true story about a Black Canadian soldier from WW I Ethelbert “Curley” Christian. JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN by Trumbo Dalton; first published by J. B. Lipppincott Co. in 1939. The novel borrows its title from the rallying call “Johnny get your gun” encouraging young American men to enlist in the military at the turn of the 19th century. The basis for the 1940 NBC Radio series “Arch Oboler's Plays”adaptation: but in the movie he is portrayed (of course as in the book), as an White American.
Johnny Got His Gun (1971) Full Movie in English:
Movie Duration: 01:51:40
What Happened to Canadian Veterans after Two World Wars:
Metallica Song – One From their album "And Justice For All"
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