Friday, March 27, 2015


When Joyce my work friend became but more than just a friend, I was astounded, thrilled and for her and I we had a Constant Craving 
which we shared with each other, as Friends, Lovers and the Amazing Team that we became. This is why it is so hard to move away from my past with her, as I just cannot withdraw from my Constant Craving for Joyce…
Stuck in a limbo of the present, not a moment goes by that I do not think of Joyce even though now she is but Gone, Gone, Gone; 
I slip back into the past as this is what I know best, what I love most, my comfort zone but as ashes to ashes only GOD can now put Joyce back together; now that Joyce is Gone, Gone, Gone.
Can one tell me what the weather would be like on the next first day of fall? I am starting now to work hard as I see myself making even a baby step movement forward; as I believe that Joyce would want this Miracle 
for me, which we all call life. For me to carry on but it is so hard to travel this far out of my comfort zone but for Joyce/Myself try I must; Even as I know, to trust and let it go, I still fight it, fight it, and now I am alone, a feeling in my bones, I have no defense against this Love. As Joyce was my gift from GOD, she was my Miracle…

by Sir Richard

by Sir Richard...

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