Saturday, February 28, 2015


LONELINESS for Joyce surrounds me today, so forgive me but yet, the pox on those who find me too depressing, as they are the heartless. As they have not yet traveled as I. Day & night throughout with broken heart but yet, in their futures they can count on me being with them for theirs.
My torment of loss, dreams, just missing Joyce, is a constant loneliness and full of fear.
For me this LONELINESS equals only PAIN UPON PAIN.
Another moment, second, minute, hour, day, month since losing Joyce AS PAIN GRIPS me, yet again & again…
"LORD GOD; help me make it through this DAY & NIGHT!”
I pray, as my personal depth of Loneliness has me again tonight, now wide awake!
Then as I try to lay me down once again to sleep, I pray;
GOD please let me sleep deeply just once, through a Lonely Free Night!
Comforted just as I was when with Joyce, those 21 years; long before this loneliness of her loss engulfs me.
Then bade me gently awake, on the Next Mornings Light…Amen.
Sir Richard...

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