Saturday, January 24, 2015


For the idiots in my life who do not know what a real Stalker looks like. Just look at Lily Dog, who is my own Private Stalker. So you frack-en idiots, now you can see the difference between Stalking and Caring, or maybe NOT! So instead of blaming someone who cares, when your own flirtatious nature is discovered by your family or husband and you have to smoke and mirror your actions to cover up! Next time show some guts instead of destroying your friends reputation, to save your ass. My mistake, is that I am too naive to tell the difference between your flirt games and friendship. Yes U coward, you know who you are!
from Sir Richard...Who has and is dying of Cancer U stupid gits!
Who lost his wife & who knew of you before she died and agreed with this soon to be dead,
"I don't care anymore guy!"

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