Thursday, January 15, 2015

A BELIEF IN GOD? (Je suis fait)

Tonight is another sleeping pill night worried about my Dad with his untreatable leukemia.
Who is just out of hospital, my Mom who is in in hospital and to visit her is killing me for,
It is like visiting my Wife Joyce all over again.
Yet every morning GOD blesses me with that warm, fuzzy in Love feeling.

A feeling, that I had waking every morning, when Joyce was alive.
Short in duration, but long enough to get out of bed and start another day.
I continue to think and share what is my truth and what I believe.
Which is in realty, I believe that we all have a basic belief in GOD.

Either this is the GOD of the Old Testament, or GOD of the New Testament.
This is the same GOD, or one’s worship of GOD through a different faith.
Sadly also some of us sometimes even worship material things as if they; were actually GOD in their lives.

For the use of talismans or even our simple unsustainable wish of our own good luck,
could also be considered as a form of worship, though pagan at best.
Even the expenditure of effort to not believe in any GOD at all, one may consider this as another belief in GOD, for you must believe, not to believe.

Then as the GOD disbelief, is this denial not just another form of belief in GOD?
For I quote; that I would rather believe in GOD and find out I was wrong; than Not Believe in GOD and find out I was really wrong!

FOR MYSELF, it comes down to, that it is one thing to know there is a GOD;
It is quite another, to know the GOD who really is!
Vaya Con Dios! Amen?

Since the loss of my Good Wife Joyce, I feel looking over my life, like a badly written Country Western Song and even though I have some Understanding, it does not equal healing. Clarity does not equal restoration. I can understand my wounds and can I talk about them with great clarity. For I know what happened, what life was like, once upon a time.

Yet, without my belief in GOD I would but remain an unfinished man, haunted by my memories and still crippled by my life’s wounds. The horrors remain, the fears remain, the lack of wholeness remains. By the way guys, it doesn’t take as an example, a major assault like battlefield fatigue to have within created a broken heart.

Many people assume they haven’t any real brokenness within them because they haven’t endured the horrors they read about in the paper or watched on TV. Depending on the age or circumstances, it can be an embarrassing moment like in your youth, “YOU ARE SOUL SLAPPED” simply as stuttering in front of a school class, or a harsh word from the one whom you Love, or as in my case, my Wife’s Passing.

Remember, that the human heart was designed to grow up in a world of Love and Security, a world where each of us are known and prized, each and every day with GOD’s LOVE. A world very different from the world anyone actually LIVES in, living as we all do now so far from what was once our Eden. The heart is a tender thing and very easily broken.

My religious belief says that GOD comes to heal the human heart who asks but at times how that is done is such a deep mystery but I believe that it works something like this:

GOD will often arrange for some person to be His eyes and ears to guide you. Or He may lead you to an event for you to feel, just as you once did when you were happy and young. Long ago young when our hearts were unbroken, new and whole with much Hope and full of shared feeling which we all once felt then.

Perhaps as simply and suddenly through a GOD given memory which surfaces, one that we can savoir and have an opportunity but not to push it away. Rather, we invite into our belief system (in my case GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST the SON and HOLY SPIRIT), to come to that broken place within us. Then we can ask that GOD use His resources, to find that orphaned child within and have JESUS CHRIST embrace that child. We ask that He come in and heal our broken hearts, to rescue our inner child within and bring this child as I ask each night, to spend in safety at GOD OUR FATHER'S HOME!

Posted for you by,
Sir Richard...
Because I care I have been labelled a Stalker and not allowed to defend myself nor did I ever get an apology, Because I feel I am for some, I am too emotional, depressing for them, even after a mere 7 months since my wife’s passing. Again I give no apology "Because I Care", well what more can I say?
Epitaph = Because Sir Richard Really Cared…

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