Friday, March 14, 2014


Most nights, as I let my girls out and watch out for Coyotes, who have just as much right as we do to be here on this planet. I often notice a Rabbit pair, who if they are about then I know that the Coyotes will not be out.
Sort of my predator alarm if you wish but the ones they should fear most, we humans my Rabbit friends do not.
Sadly the other day, as I came home from a Doctor visit and noticed the sight of one of my Rabbit friends freshly run over. I knew it was one of them and as I had many appointments this day, I would see this Rabbit’s buddy standby its friend’s poor bashed body as if it was in morning? It even at one time was near but not to near the demise of its friend. So just like a dog, it went down on its front paws to enact the “Let’s Play Stance”!
Even when I came home at 3AM that morning they were still there together as the Rabbit friend continued to attempt to make its friend wake up and play by doing the “Let’s Play Stance”, over and over.
Emotionally things are not so well for me of late, as some of you or all may know and to see this tore me up. I eventually had to stop the car and shoo the poor Rabbit away or it too would become the next victim of a human driven vehicle. I know, some of you may say it’s just a Rabbit but these Jack Rabbits where here long before us and should not be chased by neighbourhood dogs for sport, or run over by inattentive drivers!
As having never seen this in my life, I just witnessed a Rabbit Who Cares…

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