Monday, June 24, 2019


Everyone has pain, to have PAIN
is to be alive.
For some PAIN is daily and others only recreational but for me, it is a lifestyle!
On and on and on…
I tend to be able to continue my PAIN within my lifestyle, with as much discomfort as I can, or do not wish.
The above-mentioned PAIN at times has me worrying about what is going to happen to my Family, Friends whom I Love, also Evie Dog if I should be called home due to this PAIN?
A friend told me about my PAIN; That eventually GOD will take care of it! That I should receive His Joy that He makes available to me now!
For GOD shall wipe away all tears from our eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more PAIN: for the former things shall pass away!
Normally as I have stated, I have “PAIN” cornered in my own personal Market.
As I believe that I will one day be in heaven and yes, GOD will take care of all my Family, Friends whom I Love, Evie Dog or otherwise.

The thing that I find fearful about dying and yes; we will all die one day. My real “PAIN” is about is the act of dying, the fear of myself going through that momentary PAIN of Dying is what worries me most before I get to heaven. Amen…
Posted by, Sir Richard...
Sent to you all with LOVE and to all that heaven will allow!

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