Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I have been going through this same pain of loss since my wife Joyce passed on May 27th 2014. At first I could not attend Church after Joyce's life celebration. I just sat in my home. Now I can go online to watch sermons and attend life group dinners that are next door only, yet I know not why and neither do you. I Volunteer as a tour guide at the HANGAR FLIGHT MUSEUM for only a few hours on weekends to talk to people but the pain never leaves me! Some days I am so angry and fed up but JESUS CHRIST helps me through it.
Without Him I would not have made it out of my protective shell, the little that I do. Or survived the on slot of difficulties that I face from time to time. I am thankful to JESUS CHRIST for my home my new companion Evie Dog and the heat, food, water and light plus earth angels whom I am also grateful too.
Still suffer the daily pain and loneliness. Plus fear of leaving my home, for it was when I left home on an errand to come back after and I find that my wife Joyce was called home by JESUS CHRIST to end her suffering of Lupus.
Thank you for Loving us both JESUS CHRIST.
Still plodding along
Richard Abbenbroek.

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