Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I walk on a path deep in the frozen winter’s snow and the noise of loneliness fills my head.
For my thoughts are of my Late Wife Joyce, other members of Family, Friends and even my Furry Friends who are now since dead.

I listen to the wind blow through the trees, on my face I can feel and see my breath freeze.
My breath deepens and my heart slows as the cold wears on me, I fall at times to my knees.

I hear their voices loud; in this winter’s air I hear their voices so very clear.
Visualizing each one of their faces, I can see them through every single tear.

For I realize that without JESUS CHRIST and my Evie Dog, I would be alone and no one in this home but my memories and me.
Is this I wonder, how the rest of my whole life will now be?

Again, do I have people I call real friends, only a dedicated few talk but how many will be there in the end?
When death comes knocking at my door; will there be someone there I can still call a friend to the end?

Yet, I can still feel the blood flowing through my veins.
I sense this winter’s cold in my head, accompanied by sharp numbing pains.
Please be Gentle with me.

Where am I? There is nothing here nowadays that I recognize.
Trees begin to blend into bushes, I cannot trust my eyes.

As I am living in this sense of loneliness, like I have never felt before.

I wish I had someone to talk to minute by minute such as Joyce, as I grab at the falling snow…

I find myself wanting to tell someone of all the things I feel.
How the only thing that I ever wanted in life was a wife like Joyce, who was so real.

Never thought it was too much to ask for a Love, to treat me the way I treated them.
So many people have NO understanding of someone that you Love, who is also your best friend!

For as I trudge in this snow on and on, I can also feel the sweat pour from every pore of my being.
Also I can hear everything, even the most distant of birds giving me a winter’s song of warning.
Please be Gentle with me.

In this cold I feel my thoughts slow, as if I were on the edge of sleep.

Trying as I struggle to make sense of these feelings, that are running within me so deep.

Slipping once again as I tend to do on ice, falling, I roll onto my back and look up at the sky.
Today I think, it is a beautiful day yet so much pain but why?

For this is just a random thought, which I cannot explain?
Is it I wonder, because I no longer want to feel the cold, loneliness and pain?

Then as I hear the faint sound of my heart beat.
I hear within my FATHER GOD, the SON JESUS CHRIST, and HOLY SPIRIT in one voice say;
“Come and get thyself up on thy feet!”

As I rise, please O LORD,


Written and 1st plus last Photo by Sir Richard  

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