Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Once again in my life I find myself walking through this soul biting WINTER'S COLD.
Yet I failed to see, along my walk for on the cellphone which I was talking.
That the liquid slush below me had now frozen over, from wind driven snow!
Dam; down I go, I just slipped/fell in WINTER'S COLD.

Stunned, hurt, more embarrassed but were did my cellphone go?
Ah there it is perfect, within a puddle of melted snow.
Can I help you up Sir?
Yet another reminder of my advancing age, from this young lady whom I did not know.
Yes; “Thank You” I said taking her helping hand up as I am no longer young, I am old.
Kind of slippery out today Sir, in this WINTER'S COLD?

For sure eh, almost a curling rink I said. She said; Sir, is this your cellphone?
She then exclaims handing it to me; it’s the waterproof one too, you’re lucky Sir, way to go!
“Thank You”, that's today's positive thing and what they also said at the store hopefully it works.
“Your Welcome Sir”, (I hear that word again), by the way are you OK? As I have to be on my way.
Again I thanked her and said; you’re right as we both should be getting ourselves out of this Winter's Cold.

So once again I find myself walking in this soul biting WINTER'S COLD.
Out of this COLD yes, I should have moved myself long ago; can't now, (wait for it), just to dam old.
As I told Joyce back when; that our joint bad health had trapped us both here now.
From her eyes I could see deep into Joyce that she already knew this, as it is so obvious not to know.
Carefully walking now, I wonder if Joyce is on a sunny /hot beach in heaven somewhere; saving me a spot, far away from this bone numbing WINTER'S COLD?
Written by,
Sir Richard
November 1st 2016.
Photo by, Sir Richard
Songs by,
Indila - Love Story
Annalisa - Una Finestra tra le Stelle
Sarah McLachlan - Song for a winter's night

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