Monday, May 16, 2016

My Fence Birds by Sir Richard

My Fence Birds by Sir Richard
Father GOD, please help me to take care of Lily & your birds, other animals domesticated & wild. Bless my Loving Friends and all people who help give care to all of your creatures great & small, cat & dog, lion & lamb. Amen.
These birds seemed attracted or they like me probably for the food, horses I love to watch but they know that I am scared to ride them..
Posted by Sir Richard
P.S. From this lot one day I was on the couch watching some TV during a chore break and I heard the fluttering of wings. First thought, the LORD had sent one of His angels to bring me home?? Turns out, it was a little bird from this lot who was behind my couch that flew into my home. The poor thing was trying to leave through our front window so I opened up all windows and doors. The Bird and myself are still both OK !

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