Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I know most of U do not care but these are thoughts that I must share.
For 28 years Joyce was my Best Friend Ever, for 21 years she was my Constant,
Companion whom I Worked with; Lived with and Slept with 24/7.
Nineteen of the 21 years Joyce was my Wife, Companion, Partner and yes;
as I am not a Ken doll, Joyce and I were the Best of Lovers…
Rip this all away and then throw me into Solitary Confinement, where I now live except for our puppy, we are but all alone.
Within our house that we once called home and in my heart there lies now only a void.
For the absence through my strained all day listening for Joyce’s voice…
Joyce’s Council, Opinions, Thoughts and yes the Laughter from within Her Heart.
Every night watching Joyce sleep, her every breath, her beautiful curves and the lines along her back.
The tenderness of her touch and her somewhere nearby presence now long past.
Yes this Solitary Confinement, for me a lifelong sentence with no chance of parole.
Whereas as I lay down each and every night.
My dreams are about our Good Times and Joyce’s life’s light.
In this Solitary Confinement, a two sided life’s conversation now has become one.
As as seconds tick by I now do my time, within this now empty cell.
For now you all know “WHAT I MISS MOST”, is that I am so freaking alone…
By Richard
Word and Photo.

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