Monday, April 21, 2014


Who is going to assist the helper?
My wife almost past in the first Saturday in February and only through GOD, did she not!
It is true, we all face tragedy of one form or another in life and prior to this one of my children was abducted, recovered and I went on to help 407 parents who went through the same…
Then when tragedy hits you again, who are the ones that are going to help the helper?
It is just like you are on an aircraft that suddenly loses cabin pressure. The yellow masks drop from the ceiling. You are to breathe normally, as breathing too fast or slow can cause dizziness or blackouts. Oxygen is flowing to you through the yellow mask and there is no need to breathe quickly.
You are at all times to cover your face first and only after you have taken care of yourself. Do you grab a second mask for another passenger who needs your assistance!
Remember, that you should always put on your oxygen mask first, while working quickly and confidently with precision, while putting on the other’s mask.
I guess, I forgot about myself and now dizziness and mental blackouts for me have ensued.
My more enlightened Sisters and Brothers from the group I once belonged to have done their best to assist. Members of my religion as well, along with Doctors, Family, Friends and those who Love me!
GOD the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit know very well of my plight. They know that I am not the only one of those, who need help for the helper. For there are many, many, more, as I am really not the only one!
Yet, it feels this way, as I feel my own heart flutter, my chest compact, confidence slip and tears fall like dew off of the tips of plants, on a very fog bound morning.
Because you’re the passenger in the seat beside the helper, who cannot get their oxygen mask on themselves, as you can only watch. You wonder who is going to help the helper, which is you…

Written by,
Richard Abbenbroek...
With Love and all that heaven will allow!

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