Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heroes Trail Calgary

Heroes Trail in Calgary:

This is a petition to the City of Calgary to rename a portion of Macleod trail SE to Heroes Trail. We have lost several soldiers from the Calgary region, including Cpl Nathan Hornburg, Cpl. Mike Starker, and most recently Pte Chad Horn.Cpl. Mike Starker was given a procession through downtown Calgary which passed by city hall on Macleod Trail just before he was laid to his final resting place.

What a tribute it would be for all our soldiers who have been killed in duty in various operations throughout the world to have a section of road named in their honour. By signing the below petition you are stating that you agree with the above and requesting to the city of Calgary that this change be made.

No disrespect to any of the following but if celebrities can get streets named after them, birds (blue jay way in Toronto), Mike Myers in Scarborough, why not name a street in honour of our heroes that make the ultimate sacrifice every day.

Again I am not requesting that the entire street Macleod Trail be renamed, just the downtown portion by city hall. Col James MacLeod was a founding father of the city, served in the military and the North West Mounted Police, served active duty int he defense of Canada, and was an all around great Canadian. To take away his namesake, I believe, would be to gloss over the efforts, contributions and history of some one who definitely deserves it. I'm sure he would approve of sharing the street name with his fellow brothers and current soldiers who are serving on operations around the world. I created this and mean this in no disrespect to the Col James MacLeod or the MacLeod family.

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