Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sarah mclachlan- World on Fire

Sarah McLachlan - World On Fire

Sarah McLachlan Canadian Grammy award winner, who had a top 40 hit with her song Angel, to make this video from her latest single, World On Fire. =

The video - which includes footage from 10 other charities - shows the singer performing in a sparse room while images portray the plight of those in the developing world, and explains how the $150,000 which would have been spent on a slick video, would instead be donated to the charities.

This video also demonstrates that simple, low cost and appropriate solutions to poverty can provide the most dramatic and sustained improvements in the quality of life for the poor."

We could all help those in the developing world: "Whether large or small, all donations can make a huge difference to those struggling against poverty in poor countries."

You can watch this video also at and find links to charity's to donate to online:
Just think what if we all invested some, what this would do for many?

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