Tuesday, December 3, 2019


If we think that we have not much in common,
then we are both missing the message.

If we see not, what we can all see,
then we are just looking in different directions.

If our paths have just push passed each other,
through the deepest of snow,
then we are lost and know not where to go.

If we both believe in our differences,
then inside our hearts we know that for each, what is true.

If we can see, that we are as diverse as snowflakes,
then our individualities are assured for me and you.

If we think, each cannot feel love, joy and pain,
or breath, drink the waters, plus live on this small planet.

Then we are each just hiding behind our own,
self-made curtains of mistrust and shame.

If we think that we have not much in common,
then the words "mankind" are just hollow sounds,
as we will continue to hold each other and all in distain.
If we think...
Written by and photo taken by Sir Richard.

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