Friday, November 8, 2019


Moments of Love or two throughout my life, has carried me through.
Cherished, comforting, from deep inside me, as a warm fire it does glow.
All my Moments of Love, I think of each one, at least every day often I do.
These Moments of Love, are undiminished, even as I become older, as I do grow now…
Combined together with my Moments of Love, beg me to wish;
“That A Moment Of Love” may befall each and every one of you!
As this GOD’s gift really to each of us is LOVE for that is His greatest gift of all.
This Moment of Love is now over so again,
as I travel out into this Winters Snow.
May there also be a Moment of Love, somewhere out there in store for you!
I dedicate this to my Joyce and best Friend and Wife. Who went with me and our eldest Grandaughter Skye to this concert.
With Love and all that Heaven will allow!
Written and photo by her Sir Richard

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