Thursday, March 21, 2019


Years ago, I wrote the below for a troubled time in my late wife Joyce's life to help her out during a very rough time. When my youngest daughter was abducted is when I became aware of these thoughts.
I hope, that this may be of some comfort to you should U ever need these words to help U too. 😊

Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn as I believe that there is a purpose for everything and you may even see a little of the light that will guide you out of your current tunnel. As U & I know, we have both been there ourselves so we both have an idea of what this pain is.
The only quick advice from me that I can give, is that this nightmare shall pass.
To do this you may have to break your day down into units of time, and at the passing of each unit, note that you are fine. First there are seconds that will pass and please note, that you are still fine. Then a minute will pass by and please note, that you are still fine.
After 60 minutes you have an hour and please note, that you are still fine. The hardest is during the night but as you are tired (and even in the day light, that's normal as it is called depression) but you will get through this as well, by sleep and when you wake up, note that you are still fine.
Then 24 hours = a day shall pass and please note, that you are still fine 30 days = a month and please note, that you are still fine.12 months will go by very quickly and please note, that you are still fine! 😊
Then one day you will be in my league (28 years this year) and as each decade passes please note, that you survived this and you are, still fine...Keep focused on this and GOD who will love you no matter what!
As you will one day, be re-united and all be fine.
For I really believe this and because of this, there is always Hope as needed, each time.
There is always Hope,
Richard Abbenbroek...
It’s one thing to know there is a GOD; it’s quite another to know the GOD who is.
As I am before GOD, mere "Writings in Dust"
By Sir Richard a dead man walking.

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