Sunday, August 20, 2017



IMO The reason that people are mentioned to you in the Bible, is to teach you something that GOD wants you to learn.
Now a Pastor, might be reading/speaking and you may at times feel (or may not), that the flames of hell are licking at your toes…
The Bible, I found out is just a sort of literary movie about GOD’s Love for you!

GOD is just wanting you to NOT make the same mistakes that those people of before are written about! Your Pastor is not speaking to you but he is being used by GOD like a radio broadcast.
For you to dial the story into your head; of your collective memory and conscience to listen too.

This is last night’s and today’s Pastoral Message, that I gleamed from my on-line church attendance. Yet, yes there were days that I thought; “WHY IS THIS PASTOR SINGLING ME OUT?”
No really, I have had a bad week and the Pastor had to pick me out of his whole flock!
Again, some people do recreational worrying/guilt but mine is a life style:

“Paranoia strikes deep,
Into your life it will creep.
It starts when you're always afraid.
Step out of line, the man come and take you away”…

So, I took from 2004 after I was Baptized to know and learn this little fact.
GOD like He wrote to the children from the “OLD TESTAMENT” as both were on a learning curve IMO.
GOD is probably good at herding cats by the time I came along.
As GOD is still torturing me also He did not have me; as a cat to be Baptized for I went by choice.

Well not the Pastor you say, that it is really GOD who is guiding me?
Yes-yes-no; as GOD gave us all choice, which I believe robot people to GOD are a drag.
We are far more pleasing for our Father GOD to watch grow and take
pride in. It was JESUS CHRIST that made us sinless through His Sacrifice on the cross and your Acceptance, that also JESUS CHRIST Has Arisen and is your Savior.
JESUS, paid our sin fees with His life; making the Baptizing cats like us much easier. Once again, a choice (Oh by the way, the Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven to tutor us when required), as this is what I have LEARNED. AMEN?

By Sir Richard the Bayo-Hunter. (The train photo is his)
Be Though my Vision by The Peasall Sisters
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (cover) by
Maggie Baugh
Victory in Jesus by The Peasall Sisters

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