Saturday, February 11, 2017


Now my Mom who is insecure and seemed to have past the insecure gene to me. She would make sure we left our Christmas presents at home and were all dressed up, so we would not cause problems on our Christmas dinner visits. Later in life, I never went out with my family on Christmas Day just for that reason and only if it could not be helped. Now we had 3 classes of people in our family which were; the wealthy, the middles and the middles-poor.
We in my mind were in the in middles-poor group and I was OK with this. We ate, never saw our Dad as he always had 2 jobs and on Sundays you better be there for dinner as that was Dad's only day off to see us all. All in all things were survivable until we could leave home.
Rich or wealthy had older kids, no toys of there own and lived on great lawns called golf courses. They ate but lightly and sadly there food was blah boring. We all complimented the cook on how good eating the little of nothing was.
They also had blue water in their toilets that was to pretty as I felt bad to pee in it.
My next in line brother and I would go to; Oh get this, they had 4 bathrooms! So we would flush the toilets and count how many times U could flush and still have blue water? Science experiments really and they also had 5 towels in each bathroom so they looked almost just store bought and as to not mess up their towel collection I would dry my washed hands on my pants.
The middles had only 2 bathrooms and 4 towels and again I respected their collection. No blue water though but houses with attached garages. The middles food was exceptionally delicious and they also had jello salad with grated carrots; very classy and good to! You went home full and hoped for a return visit soon!
The Middle-poor group that I was a proud member of, also had great food. Towels that you could use but we're wet along with detached garages in back. You could hang around with the adults after supper and dishes, who rolled there own cigarettes with a machine plus they drank beer and not hard booze like the above classes.
Clean up dish duty was assigned for us kids to do but that was fun as we joked around. My cousins were mostly female and Barbie Dolls were only fun if you could decapitated them for some traitorous event. Which made my female Cousins go crazy!
Again there was more fun stories in the last group as my Mom even settled down and relaxed. Have you ever noticed that poor people can visit the folks on top of the ladder but the top of the ladder folks always seemed awkward coming down to our world?
My wife Joyce out of 3 other previous wives and my Mom, was the only one who could duplicate the jello with grated carrots salad. Now days I have my own blue water in my toilets but not the 5 or 4 towels as laundry is more of a hassle when you dirty more!
I have 3 bathrooms but only use 2, as the last one is Joyce's and no one is allowed to use it. For in all I have toilet seats always down so just in case Joyce visited from heaven she would not fall into the toilet like my first wife did and was pregnant to boot. You learn to never do that again quickly!!!
To this day I still get confused about more than one towel, yes I dry my hands on my clothes so I do not wreck who evers towel collection. Oh, Joyce was scent sensitive so I also have air fresheners and smelly soap which has nothing to do with my above talk of my young memories about my family social structure and WEALTHY PEOPLE.
Written by Sir Richard
Just because I still can!

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