Friday, February 5, 2016


My late wife Joyce was my Best Friend, Love, Companion, Partner and Confidant.
Never did I think with Joyce I would have to resort to a back-up plan. Joyce was always worth more than someone’s second choice.
When you reach a loss such as mine you can’t force yourself to stop caring for someone but you can tell yourself that if you had to do it again that you deserve better! Though the kicker is that you already had the best and you should never settle for second best.
Keep your standards and if you need to choose to be with someone. Choose someone who will treat you with the same respect and consideration you would treat them. You can’t expect to be someone else’s priority if they are not yours.
Being second best or being expected to have someone as your second best, unfairly takes away some of your dignity. Being Loved for who you are and being their or your priority should be an unbending principle. Remember your worth, be your true self and know you are valuable to someone. Respect and true Love should not come with a price to pay. Don't settle for less or be with someone who doesn't defend your honour under any circumstance. Live a deserving life and live bigger than a second choice, by having someone who is your Best Friend, Love, Companion, Partner and Confidant.
They say that there is always someone somewhere who wishes to be with you and to treat you like a treasure, so you should not be sad for those who will not even take care of you.
Self-respect is the Greatest Love we can give ourselves. I will only be in a relationship where I am treated with respect and total Love, I know my true value. So in all, I guess I can only settle for a first choice never second best…
By Sir Richard
Doomed to loneliness, until GOD calls me home!

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