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At only 19 years of age, Masha Drokova has quickly ascended the ranks of Russian Pro-Putin national youth organization Nashi (to me it sounds like Nazi).
However, after outspoken journalists critical of the Russian government are brutally beaten by “unknown perpetrators”, Masha’s faith in the organization she once loved, begins to waiver.
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Nashi, which means "Ours," the battle cry Russian football fans use to cheer on their national team. The organization has thousands of members across the country and they are blindly devoted to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nashi defines itself as a democratic, anti-fascist, anti-'oligarchic-capitalist' movement and it is meant to give Russia back its national pride but its actions don’t follow: It’s embroiled in constant, furious battle against anyone who dares besmirch Russian sanctity by disagreeing with Putin’s policies. The group marches in the thousands, waving flags and holding up photos to “shame” the “enemies” of the state, including dissidents, journalists, and human-rights activists. The harsh language used in Nashi meetings isn’t political, it’s incendiary the movement is based on conformity and confrontation, and while some of its actions include exposing stores that sell expired food or alcohol to minors, others may find members encouraging and condoning violence against anyone who speaks out against them. For critics of Nashi a derogatory nickname wasn't difficult to find for Nashi: The group's young members are called "nashists" which rhymes, of course, with fascists.
Vladimir  Vladimirovich Putin has been the president of Russia since 7 may 2012, succeeding Dmitry Medvedev.  Putin previously served as president from 2000 to 2008 and he plans to run till 2024.
The above film looks a lot like this:
instead of Nazi banners, they now toss Pictures of Russian Citizens, so I ask who is the Nazi?
In Putin’s Kiss training Russian Youth historically; is like this:
A Former Hitler Youth Speaks Out
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