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Missing Planes - WW2 Aircraft Wrecks part 1

Missing Planes - WW2 Aircraft Wrecks part 2

Missing Planes - WW2 Aircraft Wrecks part3

Missing Planes - WW2 Aircraft Wrecks part4

Below a list of the above Missing Planes - More than 20 WW2 Aircraft Wrecks
Wreckage of missing aircraft in World War II and found nowadays:

-Focke-Wulf Fw 190.- The plane crashed into the Norwegian Sea in 1941. Was lifted from the seabed in 2008. 
-Bell P-39 Airacobra.- The plane crashed into the lake Martyavr for an unknown reason. The plane lifted from the bottom of the lake in 2004. The pilot was killed. 
-Brewster F2A Buffalo.- The plane was shot down over the lake Big Kaliyarvi (Karelia) and sank. Finnish pilot Lauri Pekuri survived.
-Junkers-52.- This airplane crashed into the glacier june 8th, 1940 while trying to drop supplies to german troops trying to walk overland to Narvik (Norway). 
-Tupolev TB-3.- The plane crashed in April 1942 in the Timan tundra Nenets Autonomous District (Russian). 
-Mitsubishi A6M Zero.- Was shot down in 1944 over the island of Guam. Found in 1962. 
-Tupolev SB-2.- December 17, 1939 crashed in the forest Onega Peninsula, was found in 2000.
-Ju-88 "Junkers".- Crashed in 1942 at the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. 
-B-24D "Liberator".- Crashed in 1942. Atka Island. Alaska. 
-B-24D "Liberator".- Missing in 1943 over the Libyan desert, found in 1959. 
-P-40 "Kittyhawk".- Missing in 1942 over the Sahara, found in 2012. 
-Douglas DC-3 "Dakota".- Crashed in 1945, was found in 2012. 
-Douglas DB-7 "Boston".- Crashed in 1944, was found in 2013. 
-Heinkel He 115.- Crashed in 1942, was found in 2005. 
-Ilyushin IL-2 "Sturmovik".- Crashed in 1943, was found in 2002.  
-Junkers-52.- Crashed in 1943, was found in 2003. 
-Junkers Ju 87.- Crashed in 1943, was found in 2006. 
-Messerschmitt Bf 109.- Crashed in 1942, was found in 2003. 
-P-40.- Crashed in 1942, found in 1997. 
Other several wreckage Japanese and American was found on the territory Pacific Islands.
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