Saturday, March 30, 2013

Glory to GOD, as JESUS CHRIST has Arisen!

Glory to GOD, as JESUS CHRIST has Arisen!
I have seen what Man can do, when the Evil lives inside of you.
Many are the weak but the strong are few, with the water we will all start anew:
It’s been so long…
Long hard days.
They don’t say,
GOD’s changed my ways.
Changed my ways,
Those Evil ways…

So I set out.
Cross that way,
Strike them down!
To make them pay.
Change their ways,
Their Evil ways…

But I can't hide!
And I won’t hide!
WOooooo, yea!
My Evil ways…

And I found out.
Their hate grow cold.
That GOD rise up,
Damn my soul.
Cause I ain’t change.
Change my ways,
I ain’t changed.

So I won’t hide,
I won’t hide,
I can’t hide, yea!
I can’t hide hey!
My evil ways…

Well I can’t hide,
And I won’t hide,
WOoooo, yea!
Well I can’t hide,
WOoooo, owe!
Cause I can’t hide.
My Evil ways…
This song is by - Blues Saraceno
Photo & Posting by Sir Richard
-I am worried out and as GOD Loves me, why worry?-
“Glory to GOD, as JESUS CHRIST has Arisen!”

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