Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Please note that you are all in my prayers, for I ask that God give you all the strength and provide you all, with what you now need.
I do not know what more to do, as I have had you all one at a time on my mind daily, or one time recently.
For like most of us, I ask what exactly any of us are perfectly clear about on these days.
How about our lives, why have things gone the way they have and where is GOD in all this?

Do any of us know what we ought to do next, with a deep, settled confidence that it will all work out?
“Well Dorothy, neither do I!”
Oh, I'd love to wake each morning knowing exactly where God is taking me.
Be zeroed in on all my relationships and totally undaunted in my TH calling or my other volunteer works.
It's awesome when sometimes you do see it happen but for most of us, life seems more like
driving along with a dirty windshield and then you turn into the sun.
You notice that you can sort of make out the shapes ahead and think the light ahead is maybe green.
For your future, wouldn't a little bit of clarity go a long way?

Let's start with why life, which at times lately is so darn hard.
As an example, I try to be totally healthy but it never seems to happen, as there is always one more health event, which is not so good on its way.
For some of you, one may think of making a shift in your career, or like me, maybe like me, retiring on the lake by Chase BC but sadly I know deep down inside that I will actually never make it there.
Perhaps a few of us do make the jump, but it rarely pans out the way we actually thought.
Or for some, they try to recover something from their marriage, and then their spouse looks at them with a glance that says, "Nice try," or "Isn't it a little late for that?"

Yes, we all have our faiths and beliefs, as we put our trust in them.
For myself my faith there is freedom and abundant life, a peace like a river and joy unspeakable!
Also, we have choice and the ability to share “LOVE” with each other, through family and close friends whom we cherish.
Because folks, that is what gets me through my life’s hardships “LOVE THROUGH THE MANY WHOM I LOVE, THANKS TO GODS LOVE FOR ME!”
So, forgive me for being this preachy, as this is just how my thoughts are about all of you.
That I consider you all “SPECIAL”, otherwise I would not post this for you to read!
With LOVE and all that heaven will allow!

Sir Richard...

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