Thursday, November 3, 2011


Remember hearing this statement; “They died doing what they Loved?”
For me many a time and I find it kind of ironic, for since my Cancer began I have begun to think about it much.
Imagine that your mountain climbing, a grip of safety for you is just millimetres away and you reach out only to slip, to your death.
Yet at your “Life’s Celebration”, it was said of you, that you died doing what you Loved; Mountain Climbing. Even though in all reality, this was only your second climb, and in fact you’re actually really scared of heights.
Death by a Mountain.
Then imagine that your flying in an aircraft on a whatever trip, to a where ever destination. Your aircraft for whatever reason falls out of the sky and crashes. No survivors but yet again someone says; that you died doing what you loved best, FLYING?
Death by an Airplane.
One day, traveling to work by motor vehicle, some fool texting on their cell phone misses their RED LIGHT and broadsides you, sending you both to meet our Lord early. Did they die doing what they loved best in a motor vehicle or did they die doing what they loved best by texting? Probably the latter as driving to work is usually not fun but a necessary evil…
Death by a Motor Vehicle/Death by Texting.
Speaking for myself it could be said that if I passed away from Cancer in a Hospital not that I love Cancer or Hospitals but for lack of a reason let’s say that Richard died doing what he loved; Collecting Bayonets.
Though you don’t usually drop dead from Bayonet Collecting unless the BAYONET was an amazing rare find and you found this one at an amazing low sale price!
Death by Collecting Bayonets.
When I think about it I have too many things really, which I can think of that I do love to do.
So I ask all of you, have you ever sat down and listed what you really: “Love To Do?”
Back to me, in all actuality maybe I should be remembered for the Volunteer work that I do.
Yes, that is what I would like to be said about me at my Life’s Celebration.
After all, my family always says that I do too much and I believe that compared to others whom I know, that I don’t do enough.
That’s it, he died doing what he loved best; VOLUNTEERING!
Death by Volunteering…

By Sir Richard – Cancer Survivor

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