Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Todays News Update for Sir Richard

Today's News Update is that I must first give thanks for the Doctors
our Lord has so far provided for me.
If not for Dr. Mulloy my first appointment for seeing about
the lump on my left arm would not have been
until January 2011 and I probably would be
well on my way to heaven right now.
So I am grateful that he saw me in May and then passed me
on to Dr. Loll who removed the lump and discovered it was a Cancerous Malignant Soft Tissue Sarcoma Tumor. This good doctor removed all that he could and then Dr. Mack
removed what was left of this Stage 4 Cancer from my arm and discovered
more possible area's that are now under watch.
I thank God for all three of these Doctors, as I am sure
I would not be writing this grateful note right now!
So I finally got in to see the good Doctor yesterday
at the Tom Baker Cancer Center.
My Thyroid growth at this moment is benign,
I have a new growth of something on my chest and in my lungs
though which a new MRI has been ordered for.
I am really out of breath these days and the nerve pain
(as 3/4 of my left arm is now missing), is beyond belief.
So they are suggesting that I will end up with what they call, a pain specialist
but first some heavy duty nerve pain meds.
I am not sleeping well due to this as I have said before the Cancer Pain wakes me up during the night,every night and I am being slowly worn down.
The other good news is that they do not see
Radiation or Chemo as needed for me at this time.
For this is good as I need my health because my good wife is not doing well
health wise, so please pray for her.
So Father God Thank You, for the Physicians that
You have supplied for both my wife and I.
Thank You Lord, for the Friends and Family
whom have taken such an interest in our well being.
That as You know Father God, tears of gratitude and joy
are abundant from us both for these blessings as well.
In Your Name I pray in gratitude - Amen.
With Love from Sir Richard and the good Lady Joyce...

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