Sunday, April 4, 2010

2 Thoughts For Today

- When everything in your life is right on track, it's easy to believe that things happen for a reason; it's easy to have faith. But when things start to go wrong then it's very hard to hold on to that faith. It's hard not to wonder whose reasons these things happen for. Same with some people, you thought that they were friendly but they were only amused by you, sad really...

- I think ones love that is unremitted for someone else and not returned, is because we consider our love unconditional when we apply it to others and we then think that theirs in return, might be considered reciprocal. Hence we make our first mistake, as people are not loyal subservient quadrupeds. No worries as we all do it. It's I believe, the first mistake we all make with the ones we love most.

Christ Has Arisen! - Happy Easter :),t=1,mt=video


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