Saturday, April 26, 2008



To God our Father and to those who have donated and are yet to donate, to send myself with with my Team on our South Africa MTO Mission:

As you know, I have been chosen to go with this Team on a mission trip to the Zulu township of Bhekulwandle South Africa, just outside south of Durban and west of Amanzimtoti Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa from May 29th/08 - June 16th/08 through my church, Centre Street Church Calgary:

In Bhekulwandle Township South Africa we will work with the local church (Church of the Nazarene) and its mission.

This mission is called "The Seed of Hope”:

What the Team and I will be doing on this mission is:

- The Purchase of new laptops for the installation/networking in a new Work Lab in the Church of the Nazarene.

- Currently they have PC's but they are antiquated and are in need of newer ones.

- Also, we will be upgrading the OS of current machines in a local School and trouble shooting these work stations as well.

- To teach both groups of children all about the newly installed operating systems and how to do research safely on the Internet.

- Our goal for this equipment once operational, is to allow children an outlet to the rest of the world and also as a learning tool in combating, as they call it, "The Sickness" = AID's.

- The current Medical Clinic also needs to have assistance in teaching on how to prevent "The Sickness". Which will really anger the local Shaman's.

- To learn how and comfort people currently infected with "The Sickness" and to give HOPE to those who are just HIV positive. As we will be working with currently trained and in the field care givers.

** These poor people are in denial and at the same time the local Shaman's will tell the people not to accept help for "The Sickness" from the white people as our medicine is bad.

** Also Apartheid may be ended in South Africa but the healing for this tragedy is also a long road.

- Our Team is also are going to install a new Sound system for the Church and set up a portable system that can be taken to other villages.

- We will advise and equip Women's support groups through a workshop so they can learn how to assist each other and while we are there we will set up a rest/retreat schedule for the women seem to be the main source of all volunteers for this area.

- Asses and repair as needed various buildings and rooms.

- Investigate future needs and to set up through our Church and other agencies, the building of future new homes and other buidings.

So with my limited talents and God's guidance, by working with my MTO Team, I believe that I can do this!

Again, "Thank You" for reading this and all of your donations.
May God Bless you all, always.

Sir Richard...
A knight in thy service, of the King of Kings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, I came across your blog by chance when I followed a link from a google alert which I had set up,notifying me of missing child reports and after reading your profile, well, it was as if I was reading my own - we appear to have the same interests, goals and share a passion for the same causest. I was just about to continue working when I noticed a video by Johnny Clegg and thought 'huh?', scrolled down and couldn't believe it... you are travelling to South Africa soon? Coincidence or fate? Anyway, I'd really prefer to chat further elsewhere and was wondering if you could please contact me in order to possibly arrange to meet whilst you are here? I would love to get your thoughts perhaps on a new venture which I currently have underway focusing on empowerment.... thank you Richard -

muskiedine said...

Sir Richard, as a grandmother of a missing and murdered child I know the greif and pain it holds. not only for the parents but for the grandparents also. I read your blog and I have to say I admire you from afar (Oklahoma USA) My prayer go with you on your journey to Africa. And most of all God's Blessings and protection. In HIS name forever.