Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As I Wrote To A Friend

To give background to the below letter, my friend and I, were both put into positions of adulthood long before we were ready. So I wrote the below and I hope it is relevant to any who read:

After thinking about us both, I believe that we have choices and sometimes like you and I, events are thrust on us against our desires.
God takes care of people like you and I, by giving us the strength to handle all of this.

From this we became the dependable people that we are and yes, you are dependable.
I believe God also thrust us together as comrades not for fun but because we have a commonality and He loves us also, because our strengths from the past keep us going where others would have caved in like a house of cards.

We are all, men and women created in the image of God.
Fearfully and wonderfully made, fashioned as living icons of the bravest, wisest, most stunning Being.
Those who have ever seen Him, I have read, fell to their knees without even thinking about it, just as you find yourself breathless before the grand canyon or the rocky mountains or the ocean at dawn.

That glory was shared with us; as we are “statues of God walking about in a Garden,” endowed with a strength and beauty all our own.
All that we ever wished or could be, we were and are blessed with being fully alive. When I look at the night sky and see the work of His fingers on the moon and the stars that He, set in place what are we as mere humans, should we think that He did not care for us?

We have heard a bit about original sin, but not nearly enough about original glory, which comes before sin and is deeper to our nature.
We were crowned with glory and honour.
Why does a woman long to be beautiful?
Why does a man hope to be found brave?

Because if we remember and if only faintly, we remember that in His eyes we are more than we think we are now.
The reason one would doubt there could be a glory to their life is because that glory has been the object of a long and brutal war between God and evil.

That we both help the Lord to fight everyday, each in our own way, to our last of our breaths.

Please forgive me if I sound preachy my friend but I was touched with what you shared with me and believe that you and I, have much "In Commonality".

Sir Richard...

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